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A Bookstore and Author Event Business

Creating Conversations is a bookstore and author event business dedicated to keeping the value of reading, learning and sharing books in our communities. Even in this digital world, we believe that books and authors continue to educate, inform, and entertain us in important and invaluable ways.

Let’s start the conversation … and work together to create meaningful programming in your community.

Ladies, Lunch and Literacy Fall Line Up

Mark your calendars:

Wednesday, September 26 marks our first fall lunch with debut fiction author Stephen Markley. Reservations are now open. Click here to make yours today.

Tuesday, October 30 - Lunch with Leif Enger and his (amazing!) new book, Virgil Wander. Don't miss this one! Virgil Wander is the #1 Indie Pick this October and sure to be a best seller.

Tuesday, November 27 - Save this date for yourself and your significant other. We are hosting John Jay Osborn and his new book Listen to the Marriage.


Check our events calendar for more details.

Spotlight On Our Partners: Mission Viejo Library

From left: Bill Walton, Paula Poundstone, and Debbie Macomber at events organized for the Mission Viejo Library

In 2017, the Mission Viejo Library celebrated its 20th Anniversary and with it, decades of engaging programming for its large community of readers and library patrons. In recent years, Creating Conversations has been proud to partner with the Library to bring such big-name authors as Alan Alda, Bill Walton, Debbie Macomber, J.A. Jance, Julie Foudy, Laura Dave, Leslie Stahl, Lisa See, Paula Poundstone, Scott Turow, and Tim Dorsey, among others. The library has been hugely successful at bringing huge crowds to its programs, drawing a sell-out crowd of up to 500 people at some of their larger events and creating VIP receptions hosted by Friends of the MV Library to offer more intimate meet-and-greet experiences for authors and readers.

In addition to helping secure authors and manage event ticket sales for their architecturally stunning venue, the Mission Viejo Library is also host to the Creating Conversations original programming, Books Are Better Shared (BABS). This year's BABS will be held on Saturday, October 13, featuring a day with authors, book lovers and book club leaders who will help explore exciting new ways to share books and help readers pick the next perfect book for their reading list. Participants also have the opportunity to meet with and learn from publisher representatives who share books they think will generate a great book group discussion. For more information and to register for this year's BABS, visit the website here.