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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

Social responsibility is an integral part of community involvement. When you sponsor an event or organization, we can help assure that your involvement is meaningful.

Support the Cause – We can help find a book that is tailored to the organization or event you are sponsoring. Make your sponsorship worthwhile by gifting a book to the beneficiaries of the organization.

Educate the Public – By giving books to event attendees, you help raise awareness and understanding about the issue you are supporting.

Recognize the Participants – Extend your appreciation to the volunteers and participants of the event in a lasting way. No more t-shirts. Be creative and give the gift of a book. We will help brand your gift with personalized packaging and include your company logo.

Books to Business (B to B) – You can order books for your sponsorship directly from us for delivery to your location. You will get optimum pricing to save you the inconvenience of having to shop around. Our Customer Service Personnel will recommend books, order them, provide tracking information, and provide you with discounted prices based on quantity.