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Stop the World: Snapshots from a Pandemic

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In Stop the World: Snapshots from a Pandemic 40 writers give their unique take on this strange time in our world. Edited by Lise McClendon, with co-editors: Taffy Cannon, Kate Flora, and Gary Phillips, and published by Thalia Press Authors Co-Op, with all profits going to charity.

Co-editors Lise, Taffy, Kate, and Gary, along with contributors Sarah M. Chen and Keith Snyder will share their involvement in creating this collection of writers from around the world sharing their reactions to the 2020 global pandemic in fiction, poetry, and personal essays.

Once you may have wished for a pause to take a breath, to stop your hectic life, to enjoy a stay-cation with so much time on your hands. Then, it happened, suddenly and terrifyingly. What do you do with these scenarios, this odd time, this creativity that doesn’t stop? How do you handle it?

This collection of fiction, essays, and poetry shines a light on moments in the times we live in during the global pandemic of 2020, when the world stopped. It offers a record of people’s lives and imaginations, a snapshot of enduring creativity— a happy, sad, funny, reflective, deep, shallow, and/or thought-provoking slice of our lives.

The pieces are presented in sections: Quarantine Life, Coping, Stories From Around the Globe, A Writer's Mind, Fiction Inspired by the Pandemic, and Beyond the Now.
The highlighted presenters' works are:

"The Down-Home Coronavirus Victory Garden Blues" by Taffy Cannon
"The Five Stages of Coronanxiety" by Sarah M. Chen
"Everyone Deserves a Chance to Follow Their Dreams" By Lise McClendon
"I'd Really Rather Not" by Kate Flora
"A Pass" by Keith Snyder
"No Room! No Room!" by Gary Phillips
Crime stories, creative fiction, elegant and angry poetry, wrenching personal essays-- these "snapshots" record the pandemic year in insightful ways that help us understand the sacrifices we've all made.
For the record, here are 40 inspiring, heartfelt, creative takes on this odd and terrifying time in the world, from writers in the US, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Romania.
Join the conversation via Zoom and let us know what has resonance with you in this shared experience. 




Event Date: 
Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - 6:00pm
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Stop the World: Snapshots from a Pandemic Cover Image
By Lise McClendon (Editor), Taffy Cannon (Editor), Kate Flora (Editor)
ISBN: 9780578717753
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Thalia Press - August 4th, 2020

Also available as an ebook


40 authors from around the world set out to record their innermost feelings-- to offer inspiring, heartfelt, creative takes on the Covid-19 pandemic. Crime fiction, elegant and angry poetry, and gut-wrenching personal essays: all paint a picture of the year and help us make sense of the sacrifices we've made in 2020.

Thank you for your generous support: all profits donated to charity.

A brainchild of editor Lise McClendon, the anthology was shepherded by her with her co-editors— Taffy Cannon, Kate Flora, and Gary Phillips— to bear witness to the events taking place all around us, and especially within us, as we grapple with disease, isolation, death, and, yes, a healthy dose of chaos.

Some writers chose to mine their own psyches and experiences, whether the challenges of life in lockdown or their struggles with productivity and focus. Others felt called to wry, dark fiction or poetry. Across the globe the reactions portray a similar anger, pain, and struggle from writers from the US, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Northern Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Romania.

Our lives have been forever changed by these times. Whether a chance encounter with a mural on a utility box, to the lockdown in New York City and dystopian fiction, these writers never stopped imagining and exploring their worlds. Stuck at home, watching the news in horror, helping others: these writers' imaginations kept clicking right along (although their productivity sometimes took a hit.)

As mystery writers the editors found many of their fellow crime writers willing to contribute, as was the well-known Romanian journalist and writer George Arion, true crime writer Caitlin Rother, German mystery writer Tatjana Kruse, thriller writer Robin Burcell, travel writer Tim Cahill, and many more.

Poetry by 92nd St. Y Literature Director Wendy Salinger, Irish poet Paul Jeffcutt, haiku poet Z.J. Czupor, and crime writers Jim Nisbet, Gerald So, and Keith Snyder adds its own special punch between essays and stories. Illustrations are included.