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Introducing Authors to Your Schools

Creating Conversations partners with schools to bring age-appropriate authors into the classroom in person, and virtually..

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for student readers and writers to have direct contact with published writers they admire.  Author visits provide the opportunity to extend learning outside the classroom.

Students engage with professional writers. Through interaction with experienced professionals from differing backgrounds, students gain inspiration and motivation to pursue a field of study or a profession they may not have known about otherwise. In this way, authors contribute to transforming and enriching the lives of our students.

Students gain multi-faceted, real-world experiences to inspire and motivate them on their paths to and through college. Authors profoundly impact the lives of students and teach them critical character traits by sharing personal or professional experiences with students or detailing the trials and tribulations of the characters in their novels.

Supplement students’ core curricular instruction. This program provides students with new and enriching academic content across multiple subjects. Authors may opt to teach a mini-lesson around material from a particular novel to provide students with additional context.

Encourage family reading outside of the classroom. We are skilled at designing family-oriented programming at the request of school principals, parents and/or the PTA that offer enrichment opportunities around literacy and creativity for the greater school community. Panels, interactive workshops, and author read-aloud nights allow children and parents to bond over books.

There is no cost to your school for this program. Some minimum book purchases apply.