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A to K: LA





In collaboration with KIPP LA Schools (KIPP LA), we have created the A to KLA program in order to further KIPP LA’s mission of providing excellent educational opportunities to their students. A to KLA is a partnership between supporters of KIPP LA, KIPP LA teachers, and Mysterious Galaxy. This program will provide KIPP LA’s six middle schools with rich learning opportunities by exposing their students to professional authors that will ultimately extend their learning beyond the four walls of the classroom while allowing them to draw inspiration that they will carry with them on their paths to and through college. Through this partnership, we have raised the funds for a full year of programming, which will enable us to host up to four authors per year. This is how the program works:

  • Mysterious Galaxy will review lists of authors traveling to Los Angeles to determine if they would be a fit with the goals of the KIPP LA middle schools
    (Grades 5 – 8);
  • If there is a fit with the schools, Mysterious Galaxy will coordinate a visit with two schools incorporating four classrooms;
  • Each student who attends the program will receive a book by the author (a minimum of 120 books);
  • Up to 15 copies of the author’s book will be donated to each school’s library; and  All books will be purchased by A to KLA and their supporters from Mysterious Galaxy at discounted prices.

KIPP LA Schools (KIPP LA) is a non-profit organization that operates 11 high-performing public charter schools in South and East Los Angeles. They are part of the national KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) network of 162 public charter schools dedicated to preparing students in underserved communities for success in college and in life. In the 2014-15 school year, KIPP LA’s five elementary schools and six middle schools serve over 4,000 students. In the communities they serve, South and East Los Angeles, only 11% of students go to college and as few as 4% go on to graduate. KIPP LA’s schools are proving the possible in public education in Los Angeles - today, over 75% of their alumni are attending college. For more information about KIPP LA, please visit

Since 2011, KIPP LA Schools and Mysterious Galaxy have been partnering to increase students’ access to high-quality reading materials and unique experiences focused on literacy. A to KLA will continue to expand that partnership, bringing authors, books, and rich literacy experiences to KIPP LA middle school students.